Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.)

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM CT In-Person & Zoom


Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.) serves 9th to 12th grade teens. YOU’ers meet in the Y.O.U. Room on the upper level at 11:30 AM on Sunday morning. Visitors and new members are always welcome!


Y.O.U.’s 4-Fold Focus


  1. Spiritual: Each Sunday we explore spiritual laws and allow YOUers to share their experience and insights. Time is spent in prayer and meditation.  Annual retreats through the Great Lakes Region provide a more intensive spiritual experience and foster strong connections among Unity teens.
  2. Service: YOUers are invited to support a variety of service opportunities each year.   Y.O.U. teens facilitate lessons for our Uniteen and Young Emerging Spirit classrooms on 5th Sundays.
  3. Social: Social activities strengthen nurturing and supportive relationships among teens and with their adult sponsors. Y.O.U. is a loving place to build friendships and relax knowing everyone is accepted just as they are.
  4. Skills: YOUers take on leadership with the support of their adult sponsors. Our Y.O.U. officer team helps guide and plan for Y.O.U. activities including Sunday lessons, service and social opportunities. YOUers are encouraged to lead prayer and meditation, and even create and facilitate their own spiritual lessons.

Parents and guardians, please fill out a Teen Registration Form. Providing your family’s information helps us all to stay in touch. Please complete and return to our Youth and Family Ministry office.


Y.O.U. Sponsor Team 


Carol Johnson, Jeff Polson, Laura Masica, and serve as our dedicated Y.O.U. sponsor team. Sponsors guide and encourage spiritual growth and create a positive atmosphere of acceptance and love in which the YOUers can share and grow.


How YOU Can Support the Y.O.U.


Our YOU gets paid to recycle your small electronics! Planet Green Recycle will receive items like cell phones, tablets, GPS’s and ink cartridges, and sends our Y.O.U. money that goes towards their retreats, lock-ins and service projects. Release and let go of all that no longer serves you, and (if that includes electronics), deposit them in the box by the upstairs church entrance. See if your item is accepted here. Thanks for your support!


Sunday Services Information

Celebration Services

10:00 AM CT

Weekly Lesson | Meditation | Music

Youth & Family Ministry

10:00 AM CT – Children up to age 5 in the Nursery

10:00 AM CT – Nursery & Y.E.S. In Person
10:00 AM CT – Uniteens & Y.O.U. In-Person & Zoom

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