Young Emerging Spirits (Y.E.S.)


11:30 AM – 12:30 PM In-Person


Our Young Emerging Spirits (Y.E.S.) program is offered for children, 3 years to 5th grade, at 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM. Youth classrooms are located on the upper level of our building. Visitors are always welcome!

Unity Youth Education


Our youth education programs use Unity Worldwide Ministries curriculum as well as original lessons created by our youth ministry staff.  Hands-on experiences based on multiple intelligences connect each child to the Divine within them through play, music, science, games, art, Bible stories, storybooks, affirmations, meditation and prayer.

Young Emerging Spirits (Y.E.S.) classrooms for preschool through 5th graders include a sacred circle time each Sunday with a heart check-in, meditation, offering, and prayer requests.

After you visit a time or two, please fill out a registration form for your children and return to our Youth and Family Ministry office (or email to Cassidy Meeks).

In addition to helping ensure safety, this form tells us a little more about your family, and helps us stay in contact so you’re up to date on our upcoming events (like picnics, special family-friendly workshops, and more).

How Sundays work for Y.E.S. Families

  • Classrooms are open 10 minutes before each service.
  • Parent/guardians escort their child(ren) to their individual classrooms (located on upper level of the building)
  • Be warmly welcomed by our fabulous classroom volunteers and/or YFM staff!
  • Sign in! Write your info on a clipboard located in each classroom.
  • Assist your child in finding their name tag (a volunteer will make one for visitors).
  • You may wish to give your child a coin or two for our weekly love offering
  • Promise them you are in fact, returning, and then back away slowly – or slip out speedily — knowing your child is in safe hands with our wonderful, trained, and vetted volunteers! You are of course welcome to stick around and see what our program is all about!
  • Assuming you left to enjoy a thoroughly scintillating service downstairs, remember to come back and pick up your young’un! Psst – they tend to enjoy ‘hiding’ from you, so check under the tables and behind the cupboards.
  • On your way out, be sure to
    – pick up any parent/guardian handouts in the classroom (so many opportunities for engagement and taking the learning home!)
    – Check for take-home crafts or projects.
  • Note that classrooms close 10 minutes after service ends, so please be sure to pick up your children by then (or we’ll be forced to send out a search party). 😉


Upcoming Sunday Experiences!

April 2023

Saturday April 8 – Easter Eggstravaganza!

Apr 9: Easter Sunday!

Apr 16: We Are All One – Mother Earth Lesson 1

Apr 23: We Are All One – Mother Earth Lesson 2

Apr 30: Jesus Heals Series Begins


May 2023

Apr 9: Easter Sunday!

Apr 16: We Are All One – Mother Earth Lesson 1

Apr 23: We Are All One – Mother Earth Lesson 2

Apr 30: Jesus Heals Series Begins

We look forward to sharing a spiritual path with you and your children!

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