Volunteers in Youth & Family Ministry (Y+FM)

As the Youth and Family Ministry of Unity Minneapolis, we cultivate the spiritual growth and transformation of all families: nuclear, extended, spiritual, and global. To experience our total connectedness, we have created opportunities that nurture the spiritual illumination of all
ages—wee ones to wise ones. We embrace the child in every adult and the adult in every child. We serve all forms of family. Through activities and experiences for children and adults, we bond, have fun, and recognize and celebrate the Truth of one another. With an exceptional educational curriculum and powerful youth programs, we inspire the spiritual growth of children of all ages. No Inner Child Left Behind.

Walk your spiritual path with the youth of Unity Minneapolis!

Our active youth program is blessed with 40+ adult volunteers serving in support of our Sunday morning activities! Have you felt the Divine nudge towards service to our youth and families? We welcome you and we’re eager to explore the possibilities for you in our Youth and Family Ministry! We offer opportunities inside and outside our youth classrooms.

Classroom Volunteers:

  • Curriculum, training, supplies, support, and lots of appreciation provided!
  • 2 Sundays each month; 9:30 AM or 11:30 AM service
  • 2-4 hours monthly to prepare for Sunday activities
  • New Volunteer Orientation
  • Bi-Monthly Volunteer Meetings

Job Description: Young Emerging Spirits Volunteer
Job Description: Uniteen Leader
Job Description: Y.O.U. Sponsor
Classroom Volunteer Application

Classroom not right for you? There are many ways to support our youth!

  • Bulletin Board Designer
  • Scrapbook Angel
  • Childcare Angel
  • Join our Youth and Family Ministry Events Team


  • The joy and privilege of getting to know our Unity youth and families.
  • A deeper connection to Unity principles, your own spiritual life, and our church community.
  • A place for your inner child to play and let your Christ Light shine!

Want to learn more?

Contact Cassidy Meeks, our Youth and Family Ministry Director.