Job Description: Young Emerging Spirits Volunteer

Job Description – Y.E.S. Classroom Volunteers


  • Has general understanding of Unity principles
  • Has been a participant of the church for at least 6 months
  • Can appreciate the unique qualities of every child
  • Background check completed


  • Willing to make a commitment of one year to the Youth Ministry Program
  • Available a minimum of 2 Sundays per month
  • Allow at least 1 hour in lesson preparation for every Sunday in the classroom
  • Arrive at church ½ hour or more before class start time
  • Attend pray-in with announcements on Sunday mornings at 8:00 / 9:25 / 11:10AM
  • Participate in periodic volunteer trainings – if unable to attend, contact Youth Director or Y.E.S. Coordinator

Responsibilities to the Youth Director / Y.E.S. Coordinator

  • Develop a good relationship with
  • Communicate your needs to and request resources from
  • Communicate by email
  • Arrange for substitute teacher if needed, inform Director or Coordinator of absence and substitute
  • Communicate emergency absences with a phone message

Responsibilities to the Children

  • Hold every child in prayer
  • Be in the classroom 15 minutes before start time to greet children/families as they arrive
  • Get to know children individually
  • Build relationships with children/families
  • Recognize visitors, welcome them and explain the format of our time with their children
  • Be prepared with the lesson
  • Have two adults in each classroom

Responsibilities to the Teaching Team

  • Hold one another in prayer
  • Communicate with each other regularly and clearly
  • Prepare quality, creative lessons and activities
  • Define roles and responsibilities

Responsibilities to the Curriculum

  • Use lessons supplied by Youth Director / Y.E.S. Coordinator or discuss ahead of time changes you would like to make
  • Become well acquainted with
  • Have a basic understanding of the scope and sequence
  • Be prepared with your lesson plan and supplies each time you are in the classroom

Responsibilities to the Room

  • Maintain an appropriate teaching environment
  • Tidy room following classroom activities
  • Communicate needs to the Director or Y.E.S. Coordinator

What You Will Receive

  • Youth Director and Y.E.S. Coordinator to guide and support the program
  • Curriculum materials and supplies for all of the lessons and activities
  • Ongoing training + support
  • A free CD of the Sunday service
  • A supportive, responsive and loving environment
  • Opportunities to develop new skills and enhance your spiritual understanding
  • Blessings beyond description!