Job Description: Uniteen Leader

Thank you for considering service as a Uniteen Leader! Serving as a leader to a Uniteen group is a big commitment and comes with responsibility as well as an incredible reward. It provides numerous opportunities to expand your own personal and spiritual growth as you share a spiritual path with Unity’s teens. You will get to put your spiritual beliefs and practices into play and “walk your talk” while seeing your results reflected in the youth you will be serving.

You are not alone in this great endeavor! Uniteen leaders function most effectively with four to five adults who can share responsibilities. These leaders partner with our YFM Director who is the liaison with our Sr. Minister and staff in support of the youth at Unity Minneapolis.

In order for you to be most successful as a leader, we want you to be familiar and comfortable with the expectations. This will allow you to make the most out of your time with the youth and, hopefully, make the experience more manageable and rewarding for you. The job description on the following pages is a general overview of the position.

Basic Qualifications

  • 25 years of age or older
  • Possess a general understanding of Unity principles
  • Regular attendance and active participation at Unity Minneapolis for at least 6 months to 1 year
  • Availability of 2-4 hours per week for regular activities
  • Ability to attend weekend rallies and events
  • Recommendations/Referrals
  • Background Check

Helpful Qualifications

  • Experience working with teens
  • Training/expertise in communication skills
  • Preferably able to make a one-year or longer commitment

Most leaders bring to the position a wealth of previous experience gathered over the course of a lifetime (volunteer jobs, parenting experience, professional experience, etc). Listed below are summaries of a leader’s roles and responsibilities.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Spiritual Leader: A Uniteen leader guides and encourages spiritual growth and creates a safe, positive atmosphere of acceptance and love in which the teens can share and grow. Leaders model applying Unity principles in all situations.
  • Facilitator: Leaders facilitate spiritual lessons with a predetermined curriculum to help teens apply principles in practical ways. Leaders assist and support Uniteens in preparing to lead meditation, prayer, and group discussion. Leaders respect parental authority in matters relating to their child, and avoid taking sides between them. Uniteen leaders uphold church policies, procedures and state laws.
  • Chaperone: The Uniteen leaders accompany Uniteens to lock-ins, retreats and special events. It is a leader’s job to make sure that registration paperwork and medical release forms for activities are filled out correctly and submitted in a timely fashion. Leaders also oversee the group’s transportation to and from events and act as chaperones during these events.
  • Role Model: Sponsors act as a powerful role model for teens. Leaders strive to show up on time and be prepared, warmly welcome all participants, listen and give full attention, convert drama into Unity principles, uphold heart agreements, seek ways to be in service in our spiritual community and beyond, respect and care for church property, see the Divine within every participant.
  • Team Member: Leaders are willing to be a “Team Player” and appreciate the unique gifts of each team member. Leaders understand the Uniteens are under the umbrella of Youth and Family Ministry and leaders serve under the direction of the Youth and Family Ministry Director. Leaders strive for clear and consistent communication with the director and attend leader meetings. Leaders work with youth director and minister for clearance of lessons / curriculum, social activities, fund raisers, service projects, and budgets. Act as liaisons between the regional team / regional consultant and Unity Minneapolis / YFM Director to ensure regional and international news and activities are relayed and chapter responsibilities carried out.

Portrait of a Leader
What qualities do we look for when choosing a teen leader who will be the spiritual guide for many young people during a vital, and often tumultuous, period of their lives? We believe an ideal sponsor can:

  • Allow freedom not license
  • Appreciate without judging
  • Encourage rather than criticize
  • Invite without demanding
  • Join without invading
  • Listen rather than advise
  • Love without clutching
  • Suggest rather than command
  • Supervise without “taking over”
  • Support without rescuing
  • Recognize each child as a unique expression
  • Guide and direct before discipline