A Message from Youth and Family Ministry

2018 Youth and Family Ministry Strategic Plan

Unity Minneapolis completed extensive strategic planning in 2017 with three core intentions emerging as priorities for our spiritual community:
1. Spiritual Transformation: We are a globally recognized center for spiritual growth & transformation.
2. Conscious Connections: We consciously create connections that celebrate authentic relationships in the world.
3. Organizational Excellence: We are a flagship ministry that demonstrates excellence in our leadership, technology, and facilities.

Youth and Family Ministry (YFM) was chosen as one of four areas of focus for 2018. Nineteen stakeholders (parents, volunteers, staff, and Rev. Pat Williamson) met several times to envision what’s next for our Youth and Family Ministry.   Greater connections among our families and with the larger congregation was important in our vision.  We created a new YFM Purpose Statement and determined 8 strategic initiatives:

  1. Passionate, Responsible & Engaged Parents (introduced Family Matters Workshop in October, 2018 and Meet the Parents event in January, 2019)
  2. Youth Involved in Sunday Service (introduced All Together Now Service in November, 2018)
  3. Parents Helped to Build a Spiritual Home (introduced family-friendly take home spiritual activities for Mon-Sat)
  4. Inclusive Family Friendly Retreats & Events (Parents Fall Book Group with childcare provided)
  5. Passionate, Resilient & Active Youth (Y.O.U. will host WAWE Retreat in April, 2019)
  6. Relevant, Connected Curricula
  7. Vibrant & Effective Volunteers
  8. Flexible & Inviting Spaces

Watch for more new opportunities and activities as we continue to bring these initiatives to life in our Youth and Family Ministry.