Youth Bridging Celebration 2020

Youth Bridging Celebration 2020

Sunday | May 31 | 1 PM CT | Via Zoom

Spring is in the air and summer is not far behind.  Each year at Unity Minneapolis, we complete our school-year session with our annual Youth Bridging Ceremony the week following Memorial Day weekend. This year it was on Sunday, May 31.

Rite of Passage:
An important event that marks passage from one stage of life to another.

In this ceremony, we welcome incoming 5th graders to Uniteens, appreciated 6th and 7th graders as they move up a grade in Uniteens, send off 8th graders and welcome them to YOU, appreciate 9th-11th graders as they move up a grade, and honor and officially send off graduating YOUers (Bella, Ella and Jaylin) into the world (and the arms of the broader congregation).

Families and Unity congregants were invited to attend this celebration for the teens, joined by the Uniteen and YOU.

Young Emerging Spirits (preschoolers thru 5th graders) will meet for their own special ceremony the following Sunday, June 7th at 1 PM. Families and all YFM volunteers are invited to this event. More details to come!

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