Women of Unity Fall Retreat: Embracing the Shadow with Rev. Sher McNeal

Women of Unity Fall Retreat: Embracing the Shadow with Rev. Sher McNeal

Saturday | October 6 | 9 AM – noon (arrival starts at 8:30 AM)
Potluck Lunch to follow; cost is $35; register here


The shadow is a living presence within our psyche, and it knows both our light and our darkness. It brings up experiences, feelings, emotions, energies, in both our dreams and waking lives, to help us become more whole. It is the “other” in us, that often shames us, for it has the qualities we most want to hide or deny. Do you ever act in ways where you say,“Oh, that’s just not me!” or “I don’t know what came over me!”? That is the shadow leaking out.

A huge element of personal growth is the discovery and integration of these seemingly negative aspects of ourselves we call the shadow. However, what is somewhat unexpected, is that when we embrace the shadow, it is like mining for gold. We face and resolve our shadow energies so that we may become more fulfilled, more creative and more spiritual. To reach a new depth of spirituality, we must face our shadow selves to own and transform these energies, enabling us to release our Light and Divinity in new and profound ways.

In this workshop, we will explore and discover aspects of our shadow. As we bring some of our shadow energies to the light, we will engage in processes that enable us to embrace them, transform them and use them for growth and expansion of consciousness! You will feel lighter! You will love yourself more!

Take a big step in your personal growth and spiritual evolution and embrace your shadow!!

Rev. Sher McNeal is an ordained minister living in Golden Valley Minnesota. As a free- lance minister, she offers spiritual counseling, classes, workshops and ceremonies, and is a frequent speaker at Unity Churches in the Twin City area. At present, she is the Interim Minister at Unity of the Heart in St. Paul. She has three Master’s Degrees in Psychology, Business Administration, and Divinity. In 2012 she studied to become a certified hypnotherapist and considers hypnotherapy a significant element of her ministry. Throughout her life, she has studied Carl Jung, and through his work has come to know the power of the shadow and the importance of dreams in understanding the shadow. In all aspects of living, Rev Sher is dedicated to the growth and expansion of consciousness and a deeper relationship with God.