Winter Solstice 2019

What is Winter Solstice? The shortest day of the year? The longest night of the year? Roughly three days before Christmas?

Whatever we call it, we can see that it is a dramatic imbalance between the light and the dark. If we know when the exact moment of the solstice is, and pause in that awareness, perhaps we can feel that something is about to end and something else is about to begin.

It really is like a sped up video of the caterpillar transforming into a chrysalis and squirming about a bit inside – and then bursting forth from within into a completely different everything. Initially, we are limited to crawling about and munching on leaves – struggling for survival and hoping we don’t get devoured by life. Then comes the moment when we realize that there is something greater out there for us and we begin doing the work to let go of what limits us. Through this release and remembering who we are, we burst forth capable of flight, of drinking nectar, of dancing in the wind, of migrating across vast distances, of interacting with others in the same wonderment and awe.

If we focus just a bit on Winter Solstice, something amazing and transformational is there for us. This is why the Winter Solstice has been “celebrated” every year for centuries and centuries – not as a date but as an event.

Is this the year to experience this same amazing transformation in your life? What would it be like to take advantage of this unique event, do the work to let go of what has faded in its usefulness and grown ugly and limiting – slowly settling as a gloom or “dis-ease” in our lives. The work is actually easier than we think – if we are willing. We simply illuminate what isn’t working and let it go. The secret is this – we can’t do something different if we don’t know what we are doing – so we get to be brave and strong and willing and honest to illuminate what isn’t working. We dig deep and illuminate what we are pretending we don’t know – and allow its limiting bonds to be let go.

Unity Minneapolis is presenting our 12th Annual Winter Solstice Event on Friday, December 20th at 7PM – and we are inviting you to come and do the work. We have created a series of processes that will facilitate your releasing the limitations of the last year, bundle them up and watch them blaze away in an outdoor burning bonfire. Then we move into that new empty space of our lives and fill it with what we say we are committed to having for our own love, peace, and joy which is the essence of who we truly are.

This event is a workshop where you come ready to do the work to have the life you say you want, the life you know has always been there for you. In the midst of a busy world and distractions, we just somehow forgot it. Come recreate a life of love, peace, and joy – revitalized relationships, forgiveness, acceptance, and contentment. 

Join us for your Winter Solstice Transformation on Friday, December 20 at 7 PM.