Volunteer at Unity

How exciting that you are ready to step into volunteering at Unity Minneapolis! We know that there are a multitude of opportunities and a number of ways to volunteer, so we thought a blog on just how to take that next step would be helpful.

Where to Start

Consider where you are drawn to—what spiritual gifts would you like to share with your community? Do you have the gift of making others feel welcome? Maybe the Welcome or Usher ministry are for you. Do you love to get your hands in the dirt? Maybe the Flower & Garden Ministry. There are opportunities for everyone. You can review the “Love in Action” flyer in the Garden Court for an idea of the current teams, or look through the volunteer opportunities portion of our website.

If you still have questions, call or email me (Rev. Patty). I’d love to sit down with you and go over the possibilities. If you see someone doing something that interests you—ask them how you can help out! Team members and team leaders can also help steer you in a direction.

Wondering how to sign up as a volunteer at Unity Minneapolis?

There are several ways. You can sign up through our website under the Get Involved tab. On the left side of the screen you will see a blue button labeled Sign Up to Volunteer. Click on this button and you are well on your way to joining a Ministry Team. Your request will be processed by me and you will hear back from someone soon.

You can also talk directly with team leaders and they can add you to their team. If it is a team that uses our online scheduling program, they will let me know to add you. One other option for expressing your interest would be to fill out the form that is in the “Love in Action” flyer and return it to me. Know that filling out a form does not in any way commit you; in all cases someone will contact you to talk about the details and discuss whether or not it is a good fit for you.

What Is Ministry Scheduler Pro?

Many of our ministry teams use this online scheduling program. It gives volunteers and team leaders more flexibility around tracking their own schedule and other team members. If you sign up for one of those teams you will receive a login ID and password that can be used either online through your own web terminal or via an app you download. The program can send you reminders (text and/or emails). It also sends out an email each Monday ask for volunteers for openings for the next week. It has been a great tool for communication that we continue to develop for the Ministry Teams. That said—please do not let the fact that we use technology keep you from participating!

As always, you can talk to me about your concerns.

Each and every volunteer is a vital part of our spiritual community. Our volunteer program is based on the truth that each of us has spiritual gifts or unique talents to offer one another, and that these gifts are woven together to create a vibrant and growing spiritual community. Together we can be “Love in Action.”

With joy,

Rev. Patty Williams