Upcoming – Thriving Earth

Friday | January 22 | 7 – 8:30 PM CT | via Zoom

Our common ground ~ Earth ~ is a sacred place, a place for unity and abundance.  Learning to care for this holy space is incumbent on all of us.  Sharing our ideas and our successes through presentations, discussion and action are important steps in caring for humanity and the planet that sustains us.

Join us on the 4th Friday of the month to learn about, and discuss ways we can maintain a thriving earth.  On January 22nd at 7 PM, we will gather on Zoom to watch a short TED Talk: “How to transform apocalypse fatigue into action on global warming” by Per Espen Stoknes.  Join us as we learn and share together.

Registration not required. 

Facilitated by: Lisa Herklotz

Click HERE to join the discussion or use Meeting ID 846 0509 5390 at Zoom.us