Sacred Archetypes Workshop Trilogy

Sacred Archetypes Workshop Trilogy

Part II: The Sacred Masculine

Sunday | April 11 & 18 | 11 AM – 12:30 PM CT | via Zoom

What’s an Archetype? There are patterns of thought that can empower us or limit us.  Some patterns of thought, called Archetypes, can be represented symbolically.  In this series of workshops, we will take nine archetypes found in mythology and learn how to access the unity powers associated with them.  We will also show the active and passive shadows of each archetype and how to overcome them. 

These archetypes are not limited to any one gender.  We are temporarily accepting the traditional groupings of Masculine and Feminine for these workshops out of convenience. The intention is to access all the archetypes that work for us.

The Sacred Masculine (Sessions 3 & 4 in April)
We can access the energy from both Feminine and Masculine archetypes regardless of our gender.  Carl Jung theorized that Women will access more of their Masculine Archetypes in the last half of their lives, while Men will access more of their Feminine Archetypes. 

The April 11 class, titled Divine Masculine Archetypes, examines the positive attributes of key masculine archetypes. These are Ruler, Warrior, Mage, and Lover.  The Ruler integrates.  The Warrior asserts.  The Mage transforms.  The Lover enlivens.  We will explain these archetypes and how they relate to each other.  We will also discuss examples in mythology and religion, the arts, and popular culture.

The April 18 class, titled Divine Masculine Shadow Work, examines the shadow attributes of these four types.  It is in the shadow masculine archetypes where we see “toxic” masculinity.  We will explore how these shadow aspects hold us back.  This class shows how to connect to our Sacred Masculine in a healthy, integrated way.  We will journal, meditate, and share in small groups about our experiences in overcoming the obstacles to our spiritual growth.

The Sacred Union (Sessions 5 & 6 in May) is about awakening and joining together the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies within us.  Topics include how sacred union is accomplished in various traditions and exercises for integrating these different thought patterns based on each person’s self-analysis throughout the series.

Registration is required. Zoom details to be provided to all registrants.

Suggested Love Offering: $20 for one session of the Divine Archetype workshop or $35 for both sessions

Facilitated by: Marie and John Pettingill


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