Upcoming – A Healing Gathering with Rev. Paulette Pipe

Upcoming – A Healing Gathering with Rev. Paulette Pipe

Our special guest, Rev. Paulette Pipe, hosts the Touching the Stillness podcast and is Keeper of the Flame for the Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) Board of Trustees. 

A Healing Gathering Workshop

Sun | August 2 | 11 AM – 12:30 PM CT via Zoom

Is your mind weary from navigating these disorienting times?  Then this workshop, A Healing Gathering, will feel like an oasis of stillness in the midst of life’s recent unrest.  Rev. Paulette will facilitate an eclectic collection of experiential meditation practices-including mudra hand positions-designed to bring our hearts into coherence.

Guided by the power of Rev. Paulette’s mesmerizing, vibrational healing voice, together we’ll become a catalyst for spiritual entrainment for our own healing and well-being, as well as for those around the globe with whom we are navigating these changing times.

We know that you will come away feeling refreshed, and equipped with renewing meditation and mindfulness tools, as well as with a goal for how we will continue to be catalyst for spiritual entrainment in our own daily practice.

Suggested Love Offering: $20

Rev. Paulette will also provide Meditation and Lesson during our Sunday Service on August 2 at 9:30AM CT.

Sun | August 2 | 9:30 AM CT  – Livestream & Facebook Live