Upcoming – Unity Men’s Group

Upcoming – Unity Men’s Group

Tuesday | March 23 | 6:30 PM CT | via Zoom

Tuesday | April 13 | 6:30 PM CT | via Zoom

2nd & 4th Tuesdays of each month

Men’s Group: Join with other men as we connect, virtually during this time of physical distancing and social isolation, and explore how to best express our unique masculine energies in a changing non-patriarchal world. Open discussion format and all men are welcome. 

The Men’s Group welcomes all men, ages 18 and up, and believes it is important for men to have a safe place to share who they are, their spiritual journeys, and their hopes and dreams. 

This group focuses on the interests and needs of group participants including: commitment, communication, connection and creating harmonious relationships with partners, parents, children, co-workers, bosses, relatives and friends.

In a culture that discourages men from being whole, vulnerable, spiritual and connected, the Unity Men’s Group offers men an opportunity to share and become part of a caring loving circle of men.


1. No cross-talk (i.e. take turns, no interruptions)
2. Confidential – what’s said here, stays here.
3. Ask for what you need and share your authentic feelings
4. Be responsible for your opinions/judgments
5. Share time equally with others.

Facilitated by Rev. Ray Nelson and David Lind

Click HERE to join the 2nd Tuesday Meeting or use Meeting ID 886-9649-0927 at Zoom.us

Click HERE to join the 4th Tuesday Meeting or use Meeting ID 835-5978-7230 at Zoom.us