Unity EarthCare Challenge

Unity EarthCare Challenge

Spring-Summer 2021

Welcome to the Unity EarthCare Challenge. This summer the EarthCare Ministry Team is challenging us all to take steps – maybe baby steps; maybe major changes – to show love to our planet and everyone with whom we share it.

Check out the list of possibilities and choose one each week, or pick a few for the month…it’s up to you!  When you’ve completed a challenge, fill out the form (see below) and send it in.  At the end of August we’ll be drawing names and giving out some really cool prizes.

Show us your successful steps on the challenge!

Please post a picture of your activity on the Unity Minneapolis EarthCare Group on Facebook with a few words about how you felt/what you learned while completing your challenge.

Thank you for your participation in the health and well-being of Mother Earth!

Challenge Ideas

  • Food
    • Find ways to Reduce Food Waste
    • Plant a garden
    • Eat Local – Go to a Farmers Market
    • Visit a Farm
    • Have a Meatless Monday
    • Compost food waste
    • Eat leftovers
    • Switch to glass containers
    • Use reusable beverage containers and metal or compostable straws
  • Clothes
    • Shop for clothes at secondhand shops
    • Donate clothes to Goodwill, Salvation Army, Disabled Vets, etc.
    • Mend your clothes, learn to sew on a button or sew a seam
    • Wash clothes less often, use less soap
    • Buy Laundry sheets instead of bottles of detergent – EarthBreeze.com
    • Buy good quality clothes, they last longer
    • Buy natural fabrics
    • Don’t use dryer sheets, they are toxic
    • Use the guppy friend bag or cora ball when washing clothes. Both capture microfibers given off by synthetic fabric.
  • Shopping
    • Bring your own bags into stores
    • Don’t buy single use plastics!
    • Buy high quality products, they last longer
    • Don’t buy items with a lot of packaging
    • Repurpose furniture
    • Have a Garage Sale
  • Transportation
    • Group car trips together
    • Carpool to work
    • Ride your bike to work, school or the store
    • Take a ride on the Light-rail
    • Buy a hybrid, electric or low gas mileage car
  • Enjoy Nature
    • Plant Trees
    • Be outside – hike, bike, walk or run
    • Rent a kayak
    • Go Camping
    • Visit a state or national park
    • Plant a plant
    • Walk with a book on trees, plants or flowers and identify them
  • Save Energy & Water
    • Filter your own water – keep a pitcher in the refrigerator for drinking
    • Use a rain barrel for watering gardens and outdoor plants
    • It’s the little things – lights off, heat down, errands grouped
    • Water meter
    • Pick up trash
  • Learn More
    • Read Bill Gates’ new book – “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster”
    • Read Lori Myren-Manbeck’s book “You Can Save the World, In Fact, You Are the Only One Who Can”
    • Or read any other book on Environmental Justice or Climate Change
    • Use the Public Library for books or videos
    • Donate old books to the Library