Rescheduled – Understanding the Divine Masculine

The Divine Masculine workshop is being rescheduled.

In 2021 we will be offering an enhanced trilogy:
In February we will expand beyond the healing aspects of the Divine Feminine.
In March we will explore the Divine Masculine.
In April we will discover the power of the union of the two.

Watch this space for more information in 2021!

Four “masculine” archetypes affect the lives of men and women: Ruler, Warrior, Mage, and Lover.  The Ruler organizes.  The Warrior asserts.  The Mage transforms.  The Lover enlivens.  This course looks at the positive and shadow attributes of each of these four types.  We will also look at their relationship to one another, examples in mythology, examples in literary and popular culture, and the unity powers associated with each one. 

The Divine Masculine course is two parts.  Part one, Understanding the Divine Masculine, explains the four types and their shadow sides. Part two. Awakening the Divine Masculine, examines how the four types work together and how to access the energy of each type within.  We will also use this framework to understand key figures in the Bible.  A follow-up course will show how we can unite all the feminine and masculine powers in each of us.

Suggested love offering of $15 per session.

Facilitated by Marie & John Pettingill

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