These are Tumultuous Times

These are Tumultuous Times

By Rev. Ray Nelson

These are tumultuous times. Stay-at-home orders, physical and social distancing, businesses, schools, and churches shuttered for God knows how long. 100,000 deaths and counting and 40 million unemployed. Now we have nationwide protests over the brutal, universally condemned police killing that has resulted in overnight curfews and longtime business and homes being burned and destroyed as the once peaceful protests turned violent. Days like this can demand our attention and have us forgetting our true spiritual nature, oneness and purpose. 

These days, though dramatic, are nothing new. There is always something happening that seemingly demands our attention and diverts our focus from our oneness to a belief in separation. The spiritual path is simple though never easy. Our principles and teachings are not difficult to understand and are based in ancient teachings and wisdom and have also withstood the test of time through the ages. They are simple, yet not easy. Each moment is a moment of choice calling us to a higher consciousness of thinking and action. To stand firm in our teachings and principles is never easy. Who said any of this was easy?

One of our principles is the law of giving and receiving. As we give so will we receive. If we want respect, we respect others. If we want to be loved, we express more love into the world. If we want not to be judged, we stop judging and seek first to understand. One of my core values is the value of living in a prosperous universe. I give freely of all my material possessions, including money, and expect and receive the same in return. I find I worry less about my finances and my living situation when I practice this and know without a doubt that I live in an abundant, gracious, and prosperous universe. 

I value my spiritual homes and those that support me on my spiritual path. I desire for their work and teachings to continue and support them, as best I can, with my financial contributions. It is fact it takes money to keep the lights on and I do my part. I give to individuals in need and organizations as I am called. In difficult times it is easy to step away from the principles and practices that have supported me in my life. Instead of shrinking back and living a life of fear and constriction I open my heart, my mind, and my checkbook and give freely and abundantly. 

Just a few random thoughts running through my mind this weekend sequestered to my home but living a life of gratitude and love.

Rev. Ray Nelson