The Power of the White Stone Ceremony

The first White Stone Service that I participated in was so powerful for me.

I had never even heard of the service until Gay and David Williamson, ordained Unity ministers, published a most powerful book: Transformational Rituals. And this White Stone Service was indeed transformational.

I believe a ritual is an outer experience of some type of inner change. That’s what the White Stone Meditation is for me.

The ritual is based on sculpture from Revelations 2:17: “They that hath an ear, let them hear what the Spirit said unto the churches; to they that overcometh will I give to eat the hidden manna, and will give them a white stone and in the stone a new name written, which no person knowth saving they that receiveth it.” (Adapted from King James Version.) Symbolically, the stone represents freedom. As was custom in ancient days during slavery in the Holy Land, a prisoner was given a white stone when he was freed from servitude as a token of his freedom. On his stone was a new name that he would take in this new life.

During the White Stone Mediation, each participate holds a white stone (actually from Jerusalem) in the palm of their hand, allowing the Spirit within to reveal a New Name that is to be worked with during the year. I have been amazed at what my Spirit within has revealed during these precious White Stone Meditations. Faith, Strength, Change are among the many names that have been revealed to me.

What will your symbolic New Name be this year?

Our White Stone New Year’s Meditation will be held this year on New Year’s Day on Sunday, Jan. 1. We will honor you and the ritual during all three Sunday services at 8:15 AM, 9:45 AM and 11:30 AM.

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