The Power of Forgiveness Series: Beyond Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness Series: Beyond Forgiveness


Six weeks ago marked a fruitful journey revolving around forgiveness. Rev. Jeanette Byington closes out the Power of Forgiveness series with her final thoughts on what’s beyond forgiveness.

“This thought-provoking book, The Power of Forgiveness by Joan Gattuso, has been a wonderful resource for anyone who is working on forgiveness in their lives.

“As our final week closes on our annual book study, we reflect on beyond forgiveness. What? Why do we want true forgiveness in our lives? What will our lives look like with true forgiveness?

“One of our co-founders, Charles Fillmore says: ‘Harboring resentment and anger hurts us spiritually, emotionally and physically. Unforgiveness harms us, and blocks our Good, including our prosperity.’

“This next statement is of paramount importance. With true forgiveness, there is nothing to forgive, because it means seeing everyone as a child of God, which is the Truth of all of our beings.

“Beyond Forgiveness is True Forgiveness. In Gattuso’s book, we have learned that forgiveness is for us. To set ourselves free. Some people are continuing to hold a grudge against people who have already made their transition. Unforgiveness hurts absolutely no one but ourselves. We must forgive so we can be free. We are not forgiving for the other person’s sake, we are forgiving for our own sake. Without forgiveness on our part, we go around bitter and angry, poisoning our lives.

“Forgiveness is not just about being nice and kind; it is about not missing out on the incredible life we have been given. Our value does not go down because one broken person had to hurt us to feel whole.

“So let us take the high road; let it go. Jesus taught us again and again: love, compassion and forgiveness. Let us pray for those that have hurt us so we can be free and we can have a happier, freer, healthier, more spiritual life.

“May every blessing be upon and all that you do.”