The MasterMind Principle

Wednesday | January 4 | 7 – 9 PM


Did you start out 2016 with resolutions that somehow went by the wayside? Interested in participating in a deliberate and decisive support system so that doesn’t happen in 2017? The MasterMind Principle is a method of focusing the power of thought to keep you moving forward. In this workshop you will learn more about this practical and powerful process to pray with others and hold yourself accountable in ways that will create positive changes in your life. MasterMind groups have been around for centuries. Many people attribute the popularity of the principle to Napoleon Hill’s class book “Think and Grow Rich.” Hill studied the richest men of the early 1900s and wrote the book as part of his research. One of the common practices was that they all took part in a MasterMind process, helping each other solve problems and move forward in their goals. In fact, Carnegie told Hill that his success was due entirely to this process. Rev. Jack Boland, the founder of Renaissance Unity in Detroit, MI, is credited with bring this principle to Unity and creating the MasterMind Journals we have available in our bookstore

 $20 suggested love offering

Rev. Patty

Facilitated by Rev. Patty Williams