The Laws of the Soul

Thursday | September 20 | 7-9 PM

Within the Esoteric Philosophy there are said to be seven great Laws of the Soul. In truth, these Laws govern the spiritual life of every human being. They represent guiding principles by which the Soul functions as it attempts to influence the personality (lower-self). Therefore, for those upon the spiritual path, an understanding of these Laws is of great value. To know the principles that condition Soul expression is to understand the perceptual and behavioral tendencies that must be nurtured to promote continued spiritual development.

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Facilitated by William Meader

William Meader is formally trained in the Esoteric Philosophy and has developed a reputation as a gifted communicator of its complexities. He is an international presenter of a wide variety of esoteric topics to audiences in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand where he works to assist students in the development of
their higher minds. He is the author of Shine Forth: The Soul’s Magical Destiny as well as many articles focusing on communicating his deep understanding of esoteric subjects.

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