The I of the Storm: Minister’s Book Group

The I of the Storm: Minister’s Book Group

Thursdays | January 18 – February 15 | 10:30 AM – 12 PM

“The art of living with no one and nothing against you”

One of the most powerful aspects of a thriving, healthy ministry is the ability to know that “nothing happens TO me. Everything in my life happens THROUGH me.”

In this book group, through lecture, discussion, and gentle exercises, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Learn to become much more comfortable in the presence of conflict
  • Celebrate the magnificent self that you are
  • Learn to use your critical thoughts of others as powerful tools of self-healing
  • Have a deeper experience of your power of creation (how you create every experience in your life)
  • Learn how to release painful patterns from your life
  • Experience deep forgiveness of yourself and people from your past.

$10 Suggested Love Offering Per Class

Facilitated by Rev. Phil Smedstad
Rev. Phil has led hundreds of workshops on personal transformation during the last 35 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as compassion, acceptance, and a sense of humor t0 each one.