The ABCs of Mindfulness

Sunday | July 14 | 1:30-3:30 PM

Your mind is the gateway to Universal Consciousness. Fun exercises help you explore your “mindscape.” Students discover their mind’s features that help them choose the best Mindfulness practice for their unique qualities. The class highlights the “paying attention” component of the Mindfulness approach.

Get acquainted with your mind to:

  • Trace how your thoughts ‘create’ your life.
  • Discover your favorite ‘mind talents’ that you use every day.
  • Learn how understanding your mind helps you choose and practice Mindfulness.

Learn your mind’s unique functions:

  • How is your mind different/the same as others’ minds?
  • Why is your mind sometimes a jumble of thoughts and, at other times, simple and smooth?
  • Is it possible to observe your mind without making judgements about the thoughts?
  • How does your mind relate to Mindfulness and inner awareness?

Practice interacting with your mind:

  • How does your mind impact you—body, spirit?
  • How can you impact your mind?
  • How to increase the flow of intuition, Empathy, Self-love, and other positives to your mind?

$20 suggested love offering

Facilitated by Phyllis Fleischauer, IN-EX Mindfulness Communications