Sunday Morning Services — 1/20/19

Sunday Morning Services — 1/20/19

8:30 AM: Meditation Service with Karen Onny

9:30 & 11:30 AM: Sunday Worship Celebrations

Theme: The Art of Living Your Dreams
Lesson: Homesick For Your Real Self
Speaker: Ester Nicholson
Meditation: Rev. Pat Williamson
Music: Ester Nicholson & the music team

Ester Nicholson’s Homesick for your Real Self talk inspires and compels listeners to return to their true soul identities, unleashing their highest potential.

“You are empowered, confident, safe and more than enough – all too often, you simply forget and disconnect from your true identity. Remember, you were not created out of unworthiness, lack or fear. You may have been born into dysfunction, but you were created out of GREATNESS! You’ve been longing to return home to your authentic self.  Let me help get you home where you belong!” –Ester Nicholson

Stay after for the Keys to Abundant Living workshop led by Ester Nicholson; she is also available for private counseling sessions on Jan. 21.