Rev. Pat Williamson’s Sabbatical FAQ

Rev. Pat Williamson’s Sabbatical FAQ

Rev. Pat Williamson’s Sabbatical FAQ

Rev. Pat will be on sabbatical starting January 1 through March. Read on for some frequently asked questions surrounding the news:

Who will conduct the worship?
We are certainly blessed to have many credential leaders who will be leading worship. Some of those leading worship will be: Rev. Phil Smedstad, Rev. Jeanette Byington, and others. Each and every Sunday will be an inspiring and informative lesson. Of course, our music will still be under the direction of Lori Dokken, our Music Director. Thank you God for all of the volunteers who make Sunday morning happen.

Who should I contact for special prayer requests?
Please call or email the office for special prayer requests. The prayer box is always available to you, where you place your prayer request. Our prayer ministry prays with them for 7 days and then they are forwarded to Silent Unity, where they are prayed with for another 30 days. You may call or contact Rev. Jeanette Byington, our Pastoral Care Minister. It is an honor to pray with you.

Who do I call if I have a family or personal crisis?
For pastoral concerns, contact Rev. Jeanette Byington or call Connie Eckert to put you in touch with one of our pastoral care teams. If you would like a home or hospital visit, please notify the
church office so that we can be of greater service to you. Rev. Jeanette and Rev. Phil are available for spiritual counseling and can also refer as appropriate to qualified professionals in the wider community.

Who will pay for the sabbatical?
While gone, Rev. Pat will be paid his normal salary. The Board has been planning this event for six years and has placed money aside in a sabbatical reserve account each month to cover the expenses of Rev. Pat’s duties while he is gone.

Will the church budget need to be increased to cover any expenses?
No. Designated funds are in place to cover expenses related to this sabbatical. The church budget may need to be increased but not because of the sabbatical.

Who will administer the church in Rev. Pat’s absence?
We have an excellent staff in place, and a well-qualified Board of Trustees that will administer the church in Rev. Pat’s absence.

Will the church just be in a “holding pattern” while Rev. Pat is away?
All of our ministries will continue to flourish while Rev. Pat is away. Also, it is important to remember that the sabbatical is a two-way process: while Rev. Pat is on his journey of renewal,
refreshment, and reflection, we will embark on a journey as well — to continue reflection on our prior work, to renew ourselves, and to continue to discern God’s will for us.

Will Rev. Pat be in contact with Unity Minneapolis during his sabbatical?
An important part of a sabbatical is to make a complete break from things. The only people who will be in direct contact with Rev. Pat while he is away will be his family. In the unlikely event that some extraordinary news absolutely must be communicated to Rev. Pat, the presiding Board president will do so.

How will we get “reacquainted” when Rev. Pat returns?
Rev. Pat’s first Sunday back will include a brief “welcome back” as part of the Palm Sunday service. In addition, an opportunity for the two-way sharing of experiences as well as some evaluation with input from the entire congregation will be planned by Rev. Pat and the Board.

How can I learn more about the sabbatical?
Rev. Pat or any Board member will be happy to answer questions that you may have concerning Rev. Pat’s sabbatical.

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