A Message from the Board of Trustees

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Dear Friend on the Journey,

Reopening our building and grounds, our sacred space, to in-person gathering is something we all long for.  We, as a Board, have held this priority knowing that the safety of you, our staff and our volunteers is the most critical requirement we have – and it still is.  Now that we are seeing more hopeful signs in this pandemic – the reopening of more in-person spaces around us, the continuing roll-out of vaccines, the impact on cases and infection rates – we are building a plan to make our re-gathering a reality and we’d like to update you on what that could look like.

We have established a working committee to develop a detailed regathering plan and the work needed to achieve it.   Regathering will happen in phases as we monitor progress in the pandemic.  This means  that we will begin regathering outside of the building and progress to indoor gatherings.

Starting now, we will open the building grounds to small group gatherings of working teams or committees of the church (e.g. gardening team, leadership team, outreach team, volunteer team leads) as well as youth activities that follow approvals noted in our four-stage readiness plan.  All gatherings will be approved through our Sr. Minister or Executive Director and will be weather dependent.  The building will be open for restroom use and attendees will be provided guidelines to follow during their gatherings. 

The working committee will build out the remainder of our regathering plan including when we will open the building for meetings/gatherings inside, when we will expand the types of groups that can regather and when/how we will regather for Sunday morning services. While we’re not regathering for Sunday morning services at this time, we will be working to determine when that will happen – and it will! 

The committee will rely on the facts as we know them, input from experts who are closer to the daily data, input from our congregation, our Truth principles and Spirit, to develop a plan that reflects who we are as a community and upholds our priority of your safety and that of our staff and volunteers.  If you have input you would like to share, please send it to Board@unityminneapolis.org.  In the meantime, we are committed to keeping the communication flowing as our plans develop, with an update by the end of April.

This is also a great time to reflect on the blessings of this last year.  How quickly we have expanded our capability to reach “beyond our doors”!  Our enhanced technology has allowed access to classes, workshops, meetings, prayer groups and even membership classes wherever someone is in the world.  What a gift this has been and will continue to be.  What wonderful progress toward our vision of a transformed world!

We so appreciate you, your love, and your understanding as we continue this work.  We love and bless each of you and remain committed to regular communication to keep you informed of our planning.   Thank you for allowing us to serve you as the outstanding community you are!

Your Board of Trustees