Reclaim the Joy of the Holiday Season

Reclaim the Joy of the Holiday Season

Reclaim the Joy of the Holiday Season

If you’re like me you have already started thinking about the holidays. Part of your brain is already planning Thanksgiving and hoping you can find the right gift for those you hold dear. This time of year is a complex blend of fun and joy and crazy!

Quite a few years ago now I spent at least a month recovering from the holidays. I had tried to do and be everything to everybody. I overcommitted at work and in my volunteering, and still had my shopping, baking and a Christmas trip home to make happen. Needless to say, when the holidays were over I was a mess. I was also sad because I had so wanted them to be fun and meaningful and instead they were a blur and I felt disconnected and exhausted.

When Halloween rolled around the next year I was determined to make things different.

Drawing on the work of some fantastic life coaches and my background in health and healing I started to make a plan. I sat down, got quiet, and used a framework to choose what was really important. I wrote down what I would say yes to and what I could let go. I chose some simple and deeply nourishing recipes to make and created a few delicious recipes that could please a holiday sweet tooth, without ruining my health. I looked into ways that I could boost my and my families immunity so that we could make it through the season of lights without catching every cold and flu that came our way. Most of all I made a contract with myself that I would find space and quiet, even with three small very active children, to relish the simple magic of the season.

I am happy to say my planning worked and I truly felt joy and peace that Christmas. I have used these techniques for years now and taught them to others. I want all of us to find the peace of this season and greet the new year healthy.

I truly hope you will join me as I share with you the techniques I have learned. The workshop is scheduled for Oct. 29 from 1:30 to 3:30 PM at Unity Minneapolis. Happy Holidays!

Facilitated by Eden Bodnar
Eden Bodnar is a certified Integrative Nutrition health coach and has worked with women and families to find calm and healthy habits that enrich their lives. Eden is a mother of three and a member of Unity Minneapolis.