Readings from the January 6th Meditation Time

Readings from the January 6th Meditation Time

We continue to hold sacred space

From Rev Toni:

Today – January 6th at 11am a number of us began holding sacred space, affirming a peaceful transition of government as Congress would accept the certified votes for President and Vice-President from each State. As the events shifted on Capitol Hill, our energy and intention shifted as well to the affirmation of peace and stability in our government and society. Periodically I would share a reading to help us center. I was asked if I would post several of them. Here are the two requested:

From Prayers for a Thousand Years, written by Alan Slifka –
(note – I used “I affirm” in place of “I pray for” as written)

I pray for a world where all people learn to think of “I and Thou,” practice “existence and coexistence” and move through life individually and with others, woven together, separate yet interconnected, like the light and dark of the Tao.

I pray for a world where all children are taught about coexistence, cooperation, and community-building at an early age; that they learn tolerance and respect and can overcome the prejudice they learn from adults.

I pray for a world where difference, tradition, culture, and spiritual roots are honored, where the goal of peaceful coexistence is as important as clean air, clean water, and protecting all the species on earth.

I pray for a world where political leaders encourage respect for diversity instead of exploiting differences for political gain.

I pray for a world where leaders of all faiths denounce absolutism and fundamentalism, where respect and tolerance for all expressions of connectivity with God or the Universal Spirit are understood as expressions of our shared desire to join with a Higher Power.

I pray for a planet where the oppression of minorities is universally condemned, where we can all coexist rather than become extinct; a world where the ideals of coexistence and community-building become educational priorities and shared societal goals.

From Prayers for a Thousand Years, written by Martin Palmer –

Be still and know that I am with you, says the Lord.
Be still and know I am you, says the Tao.

We are part of nature and nature is part of us.
We are held by the Hand of God
and we are the Hands of God.

Do not try to live as if you are separate
You are not.
You are of God,
part of the Tao.
You are within the landscape
You are elements of the seasons.
You are of both heaven and earth.

Be known for what you are, and make your actions harbingers
of a better future.
Flow like water round obstacles.
Do not batter your head against a brick wall.
Flow under it and when it collapses,
you will be long gone.

Hold true to God
rest in the Tao,
and you will be carried to where the future needs you.