Rama Inacio Is Coming to Unity Minneapolis

Rama Inacio Is Coming to Unity Minneapolis

Our universe is built from resonance, and for us as humans, vibration is an aspect of every breathing moment. When we apply ourselves through conscious use of sound, the effects are truly transformative and can be felt for days!

Rama Inacio will be visiting on Friday, April 27th and Saturday, 28th to share two beautiful sound healing works. He is a gifted healer from England, who devotes his life and body to be an instrument for God’s love and will. He is an accomplished sound and vibrational healer who works with groups and individuals.

Friday’s group will be with the 12 Crystal Bowls of Unity Village, which he will be bringing all the way from Unity Village, Missouri. The set was acquired in 2013 by the SEE team and Rama has the honor of being able to travel with them. Each of the 12 bowls relates to one of the Unity “Powers” – they are a wonderful way of tuning one’s vibrational self to the essence of the teachings of the 12 powers, without involving the questioning mind! This set of Crystal Bowls are a true a delight to hear, experience and see; and Rama is a wonderful steward of them.

Saturday’s group is a more in-depth experience of sound healing, climaxing with an activation of your holy DNA, that you may be gracefully steered on your soul’s path. Rama will begin with a sound clearing with the gong and didgeridoo, to remove the static and blockages from your energy field. Rama will then bring through the angelic tones and energetic frequencies to connect you with your divine blueprint. From there, in group unity, we will tone with our voices together to amplify our collective resonance.

To complete the session, Rama will create a “soul song” for the group in which the energies we have received and amplified will be put into a form which we can receive from again and again.

Rama will be available for private sessions on Saturday afternoon, either for sound healing or intuitive readings.

Groups with Rama are always fun and beautiful direct experiences of your spirit within. Come join and ignite your inner flame!