Questions of the Moment from Janet Conner

Questions of the Moment from Janet Conner

When you pray, who is praying?
Are you praying—or are you being prayed?

When you breathe, who is breathing?
Are you breathing—or are you being breathed?

When you forgive, who is forgiving?
Are you forgiving—or are you being forgiven?

When you write, who is writing?
Are you writing—or are you being written?

When you dream, who is dreaming?
Are you dreaming—or are you being dreamed?

When you anoint, who is anointing?
Are you anointing—or are you being anointed?

When you sing songs, who is singing?
Are you singing—or are you being sung?

When you dance, who is dancing
Are you dancing—or are you being danced?

When you create, who is creating?
Are you creating—or are you being created?

When you love, who is loving?
Are you loving—or are you being loved?

These are the questions of the moment.
The questions that matter.
The questions of the heart.

Janet Conner will be speaking at the Sunday services on April 29. She will be leading a workshop later the same day called What Love Songs Is the Divine Singing to You?