Q&A: All Together Now

Answers by Cassidy Meeks, Director of Youth & Family Ministry

What is the purpose of All Together Now?

Altogether now is an intergenerational service. It’s a unique opportunity to come together as a full community to worship in the same space, build connections between the ages, and connect youth to the larger church. Hopefully this will also increase the sense of belonging for all congregants at Unity Minneapolis.

How are the services different? How do adults interact with the youth?

The order of service, while similar, is a bit different. For example, we’ll break up the typical 15-minute lesson into three 5 minute chunks that can help our younger congregants to stay engaged. There will also be interactivity in the lessons, delivered in a way that is accessible to children. Additionally, youth will be involved in the Sunday service, from leading songs (accompanied by Lori & Judi), giving the meditation, to handing out bulletins and welcoming congregants as they enter the sanctuary.

Finally, we will also give all congregants the opportunity to share what we’re grateful for in a craft activity that will happen in the garden court following each service.

Why should people go — both people with and without children?

For people with children, it’s a great opportunity to bring them so they understand more about what happens downstairs. Even while they’re engaged in their own order of service upstairs, this will give them a broader awareness — especially as we look to engage our teens past graduation and involve them in the broader church life. Regardless of age, I’m confident this will be a meaningful experience for all children.

For those without children, All Together Now is a great chance to interact with youth. They bring a certain liveliness and curiosity and energy that I am confident will help us all feel more connected to Spirit.

What feedback have you gotten from past All Together Now services?

These services are a hit! Back when we did strategic planning last October, involving youth and Sunday services made the list of our top nine goals. All Together Now makes that vision a reality.

It’s also fun for the whole family whether you’re a family of one, have young children or teens at home, are an empty nester, grandparent, or just want to share space with the full breadth of others who call Unity Minneapolis home.

What else to add? 

Come to all together now, and let your child (&/or inner child) out to play at Unity this Sunday.

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