Upcoming – Pub Theology

Upcoming – Pub Theology

Thursday | March 4 | 5 PM CT | Via Zoom

First Thursday of Every Month

So what is Pub Theology?

It’s people sitting around a virtual table, talking about issues of faith and philosophy, ethics and ideas over a beverage. It is a safe space, where people can be honest and open about topics of faith, ask any question, and at the end of the night, know that it’s perfectly fine if we disagree with one another.

Pub Theology is not a lecture, where one expert teaches everyone else and only one opinion is present (though we may decide to have a guest speaker or even a panel from time to time who share on a topic for awhile before group discussion ensues). 

Pub Theology is not a Bible study at the bar. It is not a Christian ‘small group.’ It is an open conversation, where anyone is able to share their thoughts about life and faith, including atheists to Zoroastrians, and everyone in between. An open conversation, by its very nature, will welcome everyone, including non-Christians, humanists, and people of all ethnic, religious and sexual orientations.

In its simplest form: Pub Theology is open conversation about stuff that matters over a beverage.

Facilitated by: Rev. Toni Fish

Click HERE to join this event or use Meeting ID 827 1533 7821 at Zoom.us