Upcoming – Pub Theology

Thursday | December 3 | 5 PM CT | Via Zoom

First Thursday of Every Month

Join Rev. Toni on the first Thursday of every month for Pub Theology.  We will meet at 5pm CT over a pint of beer, a glass of wine, or a cup of tea.  Like prayer, fasting, or study, Pub Theology is designed to become a spiritual discipline for each of us…. a contemplative practice that will bring us together with the chance to bond as a group and grow as individuals.

We will share experiences and perspectives while exploring various theological topics.  Sometimes it will be deep, encouraging us to open to our humanity and our divinity.  Sometimes it will be light, as we simply get to know each other.  We will talk.  We will laugh.  We will build relationships.  Join us!

Click here to join this event or use Meeting ID 827 1533 7821 at Zoom.us