Personal Storytelling Workshop

Personal Storytelling Workshop

Friday | September 6 | 7 PM
Location: Guthrie Theater
Pre-registration is required for this event

While storytelling is something we do naturally from a young age, when we learn skills to go from good to great storytellers, we can both deepen our conscious connections with others, increase our self-confidence, and inspire positive action! Who better to learn these skills from than a seasoned storyteller from the Guthrie?

Whether you are pursuing a career in theater, looking to explore your  creativity, or want to try something new, we welcome rookies, professionals and everyone in between!

$30 per person | limited to 20 participants
Must be paid in advance through the church office.

5 PM: Optional Tour of the Guthrie ($7)

Facilitated by H. Adam Harris, a Minneapolis based actor, teaching artist, and cultural equity consultant. He works at the intersection of theatre, education, social justice, and community engagement. H. Adam is the Education Coordinator at the Playwrights’ Center; Lead Teaching Artist/Facilitator at Penumbra Theatre Company; a resident teaching artist with the Guthrie Theater and the Children’s Theatre Company, and faculty at the St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists.  H. Adam Harris is an industry professional who is passionate about sharing his craft and fostering the artistic growth in others.