Oh Grow Up: How to Live a Mature & Meaningful Life

Oh Grow Up: How to Live a Mature & Meaningful Life

Oh Grow Up: How to Live a Mature & Meaningful Life

What does it mean to live a mature, healthy, integrated and meaningful life? I have been working on this topic for 30 years. As a professor, author, therapist, father, grandfather, workshop leader and mentor, I have expressed my ideas over 40 years about the need for mature guidance for our youth and adults — so they can learn to handle life situations with competence and awareness. In this workshop, participants will explore eight different tasks — and assess their accomplishments as well as growth opportunities.

Oh Grow Up combines ideas about the physical, sexual, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of maturity and wholeness. These eight general tasks include the following:

  1. Unhook from your biological family’s definition of who you are and should be. Work to heal wounds related to shame, abandonment, attachment issues, neglect, physical, emotional and sexual abuse.
  2. Let go of defenses that you needed as a child which no longer serve you. Grieve the loss of those defenses and honor how they helped you survive against overwhelming odds. Learn to cope with life’s challenges without those defenses.
  3. Unhook from cultural pressures to define our life by doing and achieving. Learn to just be, and love yourself, and define yourself as male, female, or transgender in your own terms. Move beyond gender role stereotypes.
  4. Finding your inner beauty and wholeness.  Discover your spiritual purpose. Find practices that encourage your going within, such as yoga, prayer, meditation, nature, etc. Live in gratitude. Forgive yourself and others.
  5. Let go of abusive, controlling people. Create a new spiritual family and community that supports your wholeness. Create clear boundaries about what behaviors and attitudes that are unacceptable for you be around. Participate in your new community with love, compassion and positive energy.
  6. Find a strategy for making enough money so you can live comfortably. Be strategic in your dealings with bosses, co-workers, and clients. Say your truth in safe places. Be open to learning new skills and developing new awareness. Be mindful and accountable. Live in integrity.
  7. Appreciate your body, your physical and sexual self. Keep your body healthy with exercise and nutritious food. Use your sexuality in ways that enhance your life and the lives of others. Respect the sexuality and boundaries of others. If you have a partner, be respectful and loving. Be respectful of all men and women, boys and girls. Accept people from all sexual orientations.
  8. Dedicate your life to creating more love and peace in the world. Find a passion and a cause. Do something to make the world better. Put out the good energy, love, compassion, and let go of the results. Realize that you cannot do everything to rid the world of suffering. Just do your part.

We will discuss these eight tasks in depth, and share ideas about strategies for healing, experiencing wholeness, and growing into maturity. Out of this sharing may come future workshops, and the possibility  of an ongoing support group.

Come and be part of this exploration. Everything said is confidential, and no judgments of self or others are allowed. Life is an amazing miracle when one experiences the freedom from negativity, control issues, guilt and shame. Sign up in the garden court at Unity Minneapolis, or on line. And remember, it is your unique journey to maturity and wholeness, and it starts with one step, one day at a time.

Dr. Michael Obsatz

Oh Grow Up is a two-hour workshop to be presented by Dr. Michael Obsatz on Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018, from 1:30 – 3:30 p.m.  at Unity Minneapolis in Golden Valley.  The suggested love offering is $20 — but everyone is welcome.