Mindfulness: Your Path to Health, Harmony & Happiness

Mindfulness: Your Path to Health, Harmony & Happiness

Sunday | September 16 | 1:30-3:30 PM

This workshop explores Mindfulness as a way of connecting with one’s Inner Self-Awareness and the resulting Outer Expressions to determine which type of Mindfulness practice may be best for you. Shared inner and outer Mindfulness exercises make this a relaxing, enjoyable Workshop. Your own Mindfulness practice may lead you to stress reduction, increased empathy, and expanded creativity.

Choose your mindfulness practice from….

  • Attentive and Engaged Listening
  • Checking in with Thoughts and Feelings in between Activities
  • Deep Breathing Exercises
  • Grounding Through the 5 Senses
  • Lying or Sitting Meditation
  • Mindfulness Eating
  • Walking Meditation
  • Or more

$20 suggested love offering

Facilitated by Phyllis Fleischauer

Phyllis has been in Mindfulness practice for over 50 years. As a teacher, writer and coach, she has inspired clients to move to a Mindfulness Approach to living, working and being. She is working on her latest book, Mindfulness – Your Path to Creative Living.

Phyllis Fleischauer, Mindfulness Coach | 612-986-1307 | phyllis@inexcommunications.com