MBT CommUNITY: A Gathering for Magic, Blessings and Transformation 

What’s in a Name?

Imagine walking in nature with a complete beginners mind. What if we encountered and honored beings without needing to claim who they are for us? What if we simply experienced ourselves and others in awe, in reverence for the life force they are? Recognizing how living beings are interdependent with another. 

In our life as human beings, our brains search for identity, for meaning, for connection. In language we create the nouns and names to find relation to what we encounter. Let us for a moment, seek to encounter ourselves.

Take this moment. Place your hands over your heart and bring to mind–your name. Whatever name is most precious to you. Perhaps what you were called as a child.

Maybe it is the name that most people call you everyday. Sense the emotion behind the name–and its meaning for you. Give gratitude for what this name has offered you up to this point in your life. Go ahead, and take a moment to sit with this. 

Recently I have been thinking about the power of names. The power of naming. As Winona LaDuke shared, “Power is not brute force and money; power is in your spirit. Power is in your soul. It is what your ancestors, your old people gave you. Power is in the earth; it is in your relationship to the earth.” In her book, Recovering the Sacred: The Power of Naming and Reclaiming she speaks to the dynamism of naming people and things. In English, nouning is the process of turning a word into a noun–recognizing it as a something in concrete state. As we use nouns and pronouns to describe people, we hold them to a fixed idea or perception of who and what they are.

Each name carries a certain energy and associated feelings. In the beginning of this post you may have had particular feelings arise from taking time to reflect on your own name(s). How you feel about your name impacts the way you walk through the world. How you see yourself, and how others see you can be directly impacted by what you are called.

Our personal name exists in a collective. Such as trees have interconnected roots, our language binds us to our co-created existence. Therefore in search for both personal and collective empowerment, it is beneficial to consider one’s words, especially when speaking identity in name. 

In preparation to launch MBT CommUNITY, our intention and vision is clear. The intention is to provide a safe space where people experience magic, blessings and transformation through body, mind, and spirit practices. We know this will require attention on the collective well-being, and support for growth. We envision a growing group of multi-generational seekers who desire transformation as an evolution of consciousness–both personal and collective. Through our previous work, commitments, research and passions, the idea of MBT is manifest.

The name: MBT CommUNITY arose in meditation. Considering the feeling and intention of our vision, we desired a distinctive name to spark joy. It is meant to raise curiosity, bring balance and offer a change in perspective. Our purposeful naming is to claim the power of unity, bring about a sense of belonging, and serve the highest good in a magical way. The name of this gathering is meant to create and enact a sacred space. It is a safe place for individuals to overcome limitations, enhance strength and channel purpose.

When life presents an opportunity for expanded leadership, there can be space for existential reflection. Stepping into a new role can help you see yourself in a new way. For example, I recently awakened to claiming myself in a new light while participating in a sacred Lakota Sweat Lodge Ceremony. I realized that I have shied away from using a gifted spiritual name for the past couple years. The name seemed daunting, foreign, and much bigger than who I could claim to be. 

In 2016, Lucas and I travelled to New Mexico for the 3HO (Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization) summer solstice event. We were there as volunteers for ten days, managing the children’s food (with around 200 kids). It was an incredible trip in the mountains! On separate occasions Lucas and I were gifted with spiritual names from the Sikh tradition that indicates our divine purpose. Both of us were miraculously given the masculine/feminine form of the same name. Our names are Deva Karan Singh (Lucas) and Devi Karan Kaur (Kyra). The meaning is the lion/lioness who walk with the Divine and know the Divine is the doer of all. 

To me, this name still feels new. It also feels like a calling. Similarly with MBT CommUNITY, this feels like a calling. The name is new and will take claiming. Not just from one but all who wish to embark on the beginner’s mind. I encourage and invite you to venture down this path of discovery. You, however you wished to be called, are welcome here. 

-Kyra Christopherson, co-facilitator MBT CommUNITY

MBT CommUNITY: A Gathering for Magic, Blessings and Transformation

When: 2nd & 4th Fridays at 7 PM; beginning September 13
Where: Unity Minneapolis
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