Upcoming – MBT CommUNITY

Friday | December 11 | 7 PM CT | via Zoom

Friday | December 25 | 7 PM CT | via Zoom

A Gathering for Magic, Blessings and Transformation

2nd & 4th Fridays at 7 PM CT

Join us on an interactive, healing journey on 2nd and 4th Fridays each month.

Remember that we are not holding it all together… we are holding it all…TOGETHER!

Facilitated by Kyra & Lucas Christopherson
Kyra & Lucas bring an extensive background of facilitation in yoga, reiki, spiritual practices and community circles to guide MBT CommUNITY in the spirit of Oneness. Their given spiritual names, Devi Karan Kaur & Deva Karan Singh, represent the lioness & lion that walk with the Divine, and know the Divine as the creator of all.

Upcoming MBT Gatherings:

On December 11, MBT CommUNITY guides a process to living intuitively. Connecting to our third eye chakra center, our sense of intuition, we allow the release and removal of suffering. Stepping into the divine work of intuitive living, we are graced with the remarkable presence and memorable teaching of Marcelline Harrisonfields.

As a High Function Body Worker, Warrior Coach and local Artist, Marcelline guides people with intuitive questions, leading them back to themselves and discovering higher potentials and possibilities often hidden from view.  Her presence and teachings demonstrate powerful acceptance, unconditional love and peace with ourselves. From these teachings we remember we are in charge of our own reality and our own transformation.

Dec. 25th: Crown Chakra–Integral Living with Lucas & Kyra Christopherson