Minister’s Book Group – Working with the Law

Minister’s Book Group – Working with the Law

Thursday | May 6 - June 17| 10:30 AM – 12 PM CT | Via Zoom

"Working with the Law" by Raymond Holliwell

Dear friends,

People often ask me, “What laws does Unity teach?”  This is a good question and one I can easily relate to.  So, I thought it was time to bring out this book by Raymond Holliwell, which outlines twelve universal laws found in Unity teachings.  These laws work regardless of whether we are aware of them or not.  So, we might as well become aware of them and learn how they work so that we are not broken by them as we move through life.  Join me for seven weeks as we explore these life-changing spiritual laws.

Love and Blessings, Rev. Pat

Please read the following chapters to prepare for our time together:

May 6

May 13      

May 20

May 27    

June 3

June 10

June 17

Introductions and Preface

Working the Law & Law of Thinking                 

Law of Supply & Law of Attraction                    

Law of Receiving & Law of Increase

Law of Compensation & Law of Non-Resistance

Law of Forgiveness & Law of Sacrifice

Law of Obedience, Law of Success, & Celebration

Suggested love offering $10 per class
or $65 for the entire series.

Facilitated by: Rev. Pat Williamson