The Magic of Heart-Based Communication

The Magic of Heart-Based Communication

The Magic of Heart-Based Communication

A large part of success and enjoyment in life comes from the ability we have to make true and lasting connections with people. But, poor communication can cause feelings of resentment and anger that can stew and fester for years. One of the values that differentiates healthy communication from unhealthy is the ability to make true and lasting connections with people.

Good communication created by listening to one another deeply from the heart creates magic. In my experience using heart-based communication while coaching others I have seen people move out of painful past experience into the present moment. They feel valued and heard, sometimes for the first time.

When I decided to bring a short HeartMath workshop to church I wanted to give you an experience of the heart-based communication skills that can really make a difference in your life. Heart-Based Communication (on Jan. 7) will be expanding on the communication skills that are already a part of the 4-week HeartMath workshop (which I am offering again this February).

Developing good communication skills is dear to my heart. As a child I experienced bullying. When you are bullied you feel like there is “something wrong with you.” Back then I felt isolated and rejected by my peers. This left me with scars that lasted into adulthood and helped drive me to want to work in healing. As Rev. Pat says, every adversity has a seed in it for growth and expansion.

The key to ending feelings of being different is by growing and deepening our connection to people. Paying attention and bringing extra INTENTION to our communication gives all of us the gift of feeling safe and supported that allows us to open up and blossom.

As the pace of all of our lives speeds up we need to find ways to make our process of communicating more efficient–without sacrificing our need to find ways to make our communication be authentic from the heart and speak and listen more effectively.

This workshop focuses specifically on practicing communication skills that allow us to listen deeply from the heart to hear the true meaning behind the words we communicate to each other.

Join me at my workshop on Sunday, January 7. Click here for more details and to register.


Lynne Stylianou-Jensen