Love, or Lack?

Sunday | April 23 | 1:30 – 4:30 PM

The quality of your life is contingent only upon the clarity of your thoughts, but clarity can be hard to come by in a world filled with stress. Everyday you have to make countless decisions big and small. These decisions can distract you from the most important decisions in life, and cause your mind to get cloudy. But there is one decision that can help maintain your clarity through all the rest. That decision is between love (a state of being whole) and lack.

Sometimes the suggestions of lack that life can bombard us with make it easy to forget what is most important. We forget to show our love to the people we care for most. We forget to do the things we love the most. We forget to love ourselves. This workshop provides a break in the stress, and provides simple tools that will make it easier to remember … nothing has greater value than love!

$20 suggested love offering

Facilitated by Brad Windhauser

Brad began an internal quest for clarity when he made the decision in 1984 to live sober, and to change his life. Since then he has spent countless hours in self study, prayer and meditation, working with others, and in fellowship with people at many different stages of the spiritual journey. All of which has culminated in a philosophy for living called “Love, or Lack?”