Is Livestreaming Necessary?

Is Livestreaming Necessary?

Do you tune into our livestreaming service on Sundays at 9:45 AM? Rev. Pat Williamson wrote about the benefits, as well as some of the challenges, that come with our service for Unity Leaders Journal. Read on for an excerpt of the article, and click the link below for the full piece.

The concept of community has changed in light of the age of the Internet. While Unity Minneapolis is a physical place for people to gather, we can reach beyond our sanctuary walls so our presence can be felt anywhere in the world. Technology is a powerful tool, and we at Unity Minneapolis, are using it in line with our vision to celebrate a world transformed by love, peace and compassion.

There are the obvious benefits to Unity Minneapolis’ livestreaming service; we can literally be in thousands of places at one time. When people can’t be physically seated in our pews on Sunday morning, we can go to them—all they have to do is connect to our livestream on our website (or Facebook Live, which we just started doing this past February).

Snowbirds, vacationers, those who are working, and people in nursing facilities or sick at home can always connect to Unity and participate. No one has to “miss church” on Sundays. As part of our livestreaming, we have a dedicated ASL (American Sign Language) camera, allowing us to communicate with people who are not able to physically hear us, too. We are an inclusive community, so we must accommodate everyone as best we can.

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