In Search of the Soul’s Purpose

We are certainly living at a time of remarkable change. Whether considering our individual lives, or humanity as a whole, change seems to be the abiding keynote in every department of life. The question to be asked is how can we become more spiritually aligned and effective at this transitional time in human history? In truth, this question can only be rightly answered by considering the individual human soul, and discovering the key to its purpose and destiny.

Innate within every human soul is an impulse to serve and to make an uplifting contribution to something beyond oneself. As such, to live a spiritual life requires that we become increasingly conscious of the soul’s guiding light and to recognize its promptings within our minds and hearts. Admittedly, for most of us the search for the soul’s purpose seems locked away and difficult to grasp. Yet there are a variety of internal and external clues that can give us insight in this regard.

Though there are many indicators that point to the soul’s purpose, one of the most important is to know your soul type. Within the Ageless Wisdom (also called the Esoteric Philosophy) it has long been understood that there are seven types of human souls, and that each is destined to serve humanity in an entirely different way. For example, there is one type that is inclined to serve through educational initiatives or the healing arts, while another type is oriented toward scientific inquiry as a means to give remedy to the challenges of human living. As we individually struggle to understand our spiritual purpose, it can be tremendously helpful to determine which of the seven soul types is expressing through us.

For those who may be interested, on September 21 I will be doing an evening talk at Unity Minneapolis on this profound subject. In addition to deeply exploring each of the seven types of souls, I will be sharing a wide variety of additional clues that can be helpful when trying to discern the soul’s intention in our lives. I hope you can join us.

William Meader

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