The I of the Storm

June 1 - 29 |
7:00 - 8:30 PM CT

"It often appears that conflict is the norm and that there's no way to avoid it. We see this in our personal lives and in the entire world around us. ..."

Facilitated by: Karla Rehberg, LUT Candidate 

$10 love offering per session or $45 for the series

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“…We see it on TV and in the movies. We hear it in a lot of popular songs. We read about it in the newspapers. However, there is an alternative to all this lying within each individual. Careful reading (study and practice) of Gary Simmons’ book should help one understand the how and why of this conflict, and how to embrace, rather than resist it and thus learn the effective way to deal with it” Neal C. Reynolds

Hear what Karla Rehberg has to say about The I of the Storm

The book is available in the book shop and Amazon.

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