How to Handle Setbacks in Your Spiritual Growth

How to Handle Setbacks in Your Spiritual Growth

Tuesday | February 25 | 7-9 PM

So you are doing the “work” for spiritual growth and creating your New Way of Living – and then “life” happens to you! You find yourself slipping back or getting stuck into old ways of thinking that you acknowledge no longer serve you. 

What do you do? How do you get un-stuck? And just when you thought you were “getting it”!

This workshop will give you simple tools for how to illuminate where you are, learn from your past, and create the future you desire.

Suggested love offering: $20

Facilitated by Thomas Maiello

Thomas has been involved with Unity Minneapolis for over 30 years. He is an enthusiastic student of Unity Principals and Universal Law. His studies have led him to India, Turkey, Peru, and Bolivia, extensive studies in the temples and pyramids of Egypt, and nine years as a ministerial student. He is a 30 year student of the Course in Miracles and has taught numerous classes and workshops including many at Unity Minneapolis.