How to be an Antiracist – Chapter 18 – Survival

Food for Thought

Racism is a cancer that is infecting the nation but cannot be ignored.

Only through the removal of racist policies can the cancer of racism be eradicated.

We must choose to fight, not ignore racism, for healing to occur. 

Fighting racism will take everything you have.

You have to be fully dedicated to this change.

Remember that it’s okay to fail along the way towards an antiracist society.

Overlook the odds.  Keep pushing towards the vision of a better tomorrow. 

Possible Questions for Discussion

What were the key points of this chapter for you?  Name a time when bad news drastically changed your perspective on life.  Can you channel that sobering experience to help fight racism?  Why or why not?  Fighting racism will take a great deal of your energy. Years’ worth.  Is an antiracist world worth creating?  Are you for this?

Knowledge Retention Test T/F

  1. There’s no point in fighting an improbable fight.  You should just accept reality peacefully.
  2. You should fight battles that are worth fighting with all you have.
  3. Racism is like a cancer.
  4. Our chances of defeating racism aren’t very good.

In Conclusion of Book

To rid the world of racism, we must first start with ourselves and then work toward changing the policy to gain power over other policies that are racist at heart.  This takes action, not just a change in mindset.  Only then can a new equal world be created.

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