How to be an Antiracist – Chapter 17 – Success

Food for Thought

Success is feared by racists because then the antiracist would be in power.

Power is not easily gained or given up on either side.

To be antiracist, we must be willing to self-examine and address our won racist thoughts and viewpoints.’ve been 

Fight the urge to win an argument rather than arrive at new understandings.

Realize that you’ve been embarrassing yourself by not progressing and decide to put an end to it.

Accept that you are a racist.

Possible Breakout Questions:

What were the key points for you in this chapter? Recall a time when you wanted to win an argument rather than arrive at the truth.  We’re not close to an antiracist world but we can still work on it.  What’s something you can uniquely contribute to this effort?  Time permitting discuss the knowledge retention questions too.  We must all accept that we are racist before becoming antiracist.   What are some of the ways in which you are racist?  Now declare how you will begin to change these ideas.

Knowledge Retention Test T/F

  1.  Success (when it comes to racism) is feeling good about ourselves.
  2. Systems of racism are uncomplicated and easy to understand and identify. 
  3. You must first accept that you are a racist before becoming an antiracist.

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