How to be an Antiracist – Chapter 15 – Sexuality


Queer racism is defined as “A powerful collection of racist policies that lead to inequity between race-sexualities and are substantiated by racist ideas about race-sexualities”
Queer antiracism is “A powerful collection of antiracist policies that lead to equity between race-sexualities and are substantiated by antiracist ideas about race-sexualities”

Food for Thought

When sexuality and racism meet, gendered racism is often born.

To learn and grow as an antiracist, being informed from multiple sources is necessary.

How a person behaves, either masculine, feminine, or in-between is not tied to biology, but by choice.

Breaking through the traditions of homophobia and racism is tough, but once done, it can lead to a new and better world.

Remember that you can’t be antiracist without being feminist.

Remember that racism goes beyond just race.

Possible Break out Questions

What were the key points for you?  Friends force us to face our racist, homophobic, and sexist ideas or live as a hypocrite.  Can you recall a friend who made you challenge prejudicial ideas through their behavior?  Take a look at our current friend group.  Are they challenging you to be better on any of these race issues?

Knowledge Retention Test / True or False

  1.  You can be antiracist and still be homophobic.
  2. White gay men use condoms more than black gay men.
  3. Black gay men are primarily responsible for spreading AIDS.

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