How to be an Antiracist – Chapter 13 – Space


Space Racism:  A powerful collection of racist policies that lead to resource inequity between racialized spaces or the elimination of certain racialized spaces, which are substantiated by racist ideas about racialized spaces.

Space Antiracism:  A powerful collection of antiracist policies that lead to racial equity between integrated and protected racialized spaces, which are substantiated by antiracist ideas about racialized spaces.

Food for Thought

Racialized Space occurs when a business or area is predominantly owned, run, and populated by a specific race.

Resources are what define a space, not necessarily the people.

Believing that race is responsible for a racialized space having poor service is a racist thought. 

Breakout Group Questions:  What were the key points in this chapter for you?   Dr. Kendi states that “just as racist power r people, racist power racializes space.”( Page 169)  Do you agree and if so what are some spaces within the Minneapolis area that have been racialized.  Discuss the knowledge retention test.  

Knowledge Retention Test True/ False

  1. Black spaces are overtly black.
  2. White spaces disguise themselves as multiracial spaces.
  3. Black theft is viewed as more dangerous, even when it is less damaging than white-collar crime.

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