How to be an Antiracist – Chapter 12 – Class


Class Racist:  One who is racializing the classes, supporting policies of racial capitalism against those races-classes, and justifying them by racist ideas about those race-classes.

Antiracist Anticapitalist:  One who is opposing racial capitalism. 

Begin at 14:04-16:44

Food for Thought

Class and race intersect to create class racist, who feel there is a behavior component to someone staying in a certain class.

It is not accurate to say that poverty last generations simply because of the behaviors and teachings of those in impoverished families.

Immersing yourself in ghetto culture to get authentic black experience while considering yourself better than them is still racist.

Breakout Group Questions: What are the key points in the chapter for you?    Discuss the link between racism and capitalism. (163)  what are your reactions to his ideas concerning the “conjoined twins?”  Discuss the knowledge retention test questions.

Knowledge Retention Test

  1.  Bad neighborhoods get their reputations through objective measurements and not racist ideas.
  2. White elites tend to think of themselves as a better type of person.
  3. Black elites tend to think of themselves as better type of person.
  4. Black median wealth is expected to rise in the next few decades.
  5. White poverty is denser in its distribution.

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