How to be an Antiracist – Chapter 11 – Black


Powerless Defense:  The illusory, concealing, disempowering, and racist idea that Black people can’t be racist because Black people don’t have power. 

Food for Thought

  • Black on black crime in the form of racism is one of the most dangerous crimes.
  • Black people can be racist against whites or one another, and others.
  • The powerless defense is racist as it protects those in power from having to be actively antiracist.   

Break Out Group Questions: What were the key points in the chapter for you?   Not only can Black people be racist, he (Kendi) explains, but they can and have used their power to the detriment of other Black people. What are some examples?  Discuss the Knowledge Retention Test questions.

Knowledge Retention Test

  1.  People rarely use racial slurs against people of their own race in a derogatory way. 
  2. Black people internalized racial ideas from white racist policy.
  3. Comedians expose ugliness about humanity, consciously or otherwise.
  4. Racist will use you as an authority if you speak out against your own race but will likely discard you when you no longer serve a purpose, because it’s about power.
  5. It’s easy to kill off the racist part of ourselves. 

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